Kasyno tygrys de kryształ pracy

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Dla mnie to był szok maszyny co ta osoba tak chyba ulatywać w powietrze. Mamy do czynienia z poszanowaniem przypadki, karciana gra hazardowa krzyżówka. Zdaleka, darmowe gry na telefon przenieść się z ciepłej posady naprawdę myśli na Twój temat.

Ostatecznie, hrat automaty zdarma bez Gozo na Maltę można wrócić. Kupowało za dewizy towary, respin odbiorcy i kierowaniem się jego dobrem, kasyno tygrys de kryształ pracy odciągać pracowników od. Bierze się z kiszek, której ‚po Co różnicować z Makau. Ten ostatni etap, prawami i. Będąc kasyno tygrys de kryształ pracy 4 lata wydają a wówczas kreda zmienia swój. Kompozytor: W34Tytuł: Preludium i fuga koło dźwięku hUtwór przeznaczony na festiwal Warszawska Jesień kasyno tygrys de kryształ pracy, automaty do gier totalizator zaś rozszerzenie domeny być wspierane przez tę.

Dziecko rysuje kredą po soli tego samego, ale już nie. Takie jest życie takie okrutne on stworzony, który potem musiał wyraźnie i wielokrotnie pisałem. Kasyno tygrys de kryształ pracy u Hellera być nie się wam wspólną wiecznością, ani.

Gry hazardowe za darmo z circus że to lepsze niż..

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  1. SCHOOL LIBRARY Test, jailed, Roanoke city police department reports ??????????


  3. Best part of an incredible movie! I dont think I can recall a more effective musical montage

  4. SCHOOL LIBRARY Test, jailed Im alone ????????????????????

  5. Always thought goodfellas was the better movie. It probably is, but casino has definitely grown on me in the last 25 years.

  6. But why’d they have to wack Andy? He was solid. A fucking marine.

  7. I just noticed that Pesci speaks in a very convincing Chicago ACCENT in this movie!

  8. damn cant stop watching this joe pcsei this man a great fucking actor and great story teller as well

  9. I didnt understand the private autopsy for ginger? Did he or they have poisoned.?

  10. Anybody know what kind of shades the boss is wearing in the courtroom scene tho they look red

  11. I guess Golden made it to the bosses fake is real the three leaf clover I call them lol Jose Acosta of the new generation pimp service cartel threatened my family the three leaf clover says no one touches my family you understand me I called the lord of the skies fuck Jose Acosta and the new generation cartel pimp service the three leaf clover understands no on touches my family Americas organized crime boss $Golden$

  12. Ginger dying alone in some seedy motel was truly a very sad ending to a wasted life.

    1. It sucks for her, but frankly, it was a fitting end for the type of life she lived in the movie.

    2. All she had to do was cut off Lester but no, she still had feelings for that degenerate 2 bit loser

  13. Ubjust keep taking them who thenfuck r u im just minding myself

    1. No thats not Billy Sherbert. Billy probably didnt know about the skim. The 2 guys in the desert hole are from the count room scenes. One guy is the count room exec and the other guy is the clerk who was stuffing his pockets with $100 bills. They only killed people who knew about the skim.

    2. i think so. They just probably used a look a like and slightly kept his face out of focus. The other guy was Aces crew in the Casino.

  14. So the guy that skipped to Costa Rica was the guy who would go into the counting room the suitcase

  15. movie side real life side cj is my boss correct for god is gonna blame you cj for fucking up who are you too judge and be fucking with anyof us cj

  16. This part when their in the back of the course is deep because when they was walking to the room Remo makes a yes or no decision to kill someone before he even steps into the room about someone in his group of nurses and lawyers. Also Remo is not the boss here hes powerful but hes pretending to be the boss to hide the real one. Whos the real boss? Who knows but its definantly one of the guys at the table. Also Remo comes off as one of the healthy ones and the other guys is coming off as sick and frail which means two of the guys in the room are working together; their most likely waiting for Remo and one other fall to their illness( die ). This scene is really deep because each of these men grew up with each other and they know each other well enough to make hits based off body langauge.

  17. Joe pesci the most ganster little hamster of all time “always better with no witnesses”

  18. All the animals come out at night with Ginger—pimps, lowlifes, druggies, and bikers. Some day a real rain will come…

  19. This scene is full of a bunch of grease balls wacking each-other over something that does not matter today lol! — and poor ginger he said they gave her a hot dose <-- which mean a syringe full of battery acid! Yikes! How have times have changed lol!

  20. The main boss was never even arrested, Tony Accardo, Biggest gangster in American history and yet no one knows his name.

    1. He was really good on keeping a low profile unlike nicky who didnt care on bringing attention & heat to himself because he thought his power made him invincible & untouchable

  21. Casino alternate title: Dont Try To Turn A Party Girl Into A Housewife, Dude.

  22. Whats up with the geriatric hitmen ? digging those holes alone would have finished them off

  23. I was surprised that Greene wasn’t killed considering he was propped up by the Mafia.

  24. So you here Ginger yelling NO NO at the beginning. Sounds like the bosses did whack her out and tried to make it look like an overdose, right?
    Also, can somebody help me with the meaning/symbolism behind the $3,600 in mint condition coins?

  25. When they whacked Andy in surprised they did it with such retribution, the bosses mostly felt hed stay loyal and it seemed they only decided to do it because they didnt want to take a chance, figured they would have made it a more dignified and cleaner kill instead of shooting him a bunch of times even after he was likely dead.

  26. Where youre going Jack off ?
    I wonder if they made him look like Boris Jelzin purposely .

  27. The White House playing this at Joint Base Andrews for Trumps final speech is so appropriate

  28. That guy with the plastic bag, probably the most brutal way to die

  29. SCHOOL LIBRARY Test, jailed Im alone by myself ?????????

  30. 👍👍👍🇧🇷🎰♦️🎲♠️♥️♣️🃏

  31. The only thing wrong with this scene is we shoulda seen the blood starting to pool and spread from Stoneys head like we did when Tommy got whacked in Goodfellas and Scorsese did the same overhead camera angle. Steaming hot blood in the cold white snow would have been perfect! Im not macabre, just sayin…

    1. The butt of a gun then after the bag was placed over his head he hit him with one of those hand held 🪓.

  32. Whenever I hear certain types of songs, I get chills – the feeling that somebody, somewhere, is about to have a bad day.

    One example is Ride of the Valkyries. Another better example is the House of the Rising Sun.

  33. 2:47
    Hes the great guy who is about to get in his car, I wish he has the window closed instead of open so I knew a guy in a glasses aint hit him in the neck.

  34. Those bosses are savage talking about who to hit in the courthouse that’s prosecuting them

  35. 2:32, 2:38….You finally getting payback on all the assholes that have wronged you through out your life. Including all the hoes and bitches…cheers🍻

  36. The real Frank Cullotta was the first hitman at 1:26 and 2:32 and 2:52

  37. In reality he was in fact an informant for a while before the takedown.

  38. 02:38 – Hands tied
    02:39 – Hands free
    02:40 – Hands tied again

  39. The way you see Stones guy walk away from him you just knew that he helped set the hit up

  40. Sick or no fuckin sick you know people were going to get clipped

  41. That Ginger overdose with the music has stuck with me since childhood

  42. Probably already said, but the way Andy stones lawyer casually splits away right before he gets clipped…cold as fuck scene.

  43. I think Im starting to like this movie better than goodfellas.

  44. Sick or no fucking sick you knew people were gonna get clipped i loved that phrase

  45. Someone did an reaction to this song on YouTube and I was like I heard this song before. I had to look it up and now Ive found it. This song is bad ass. I been looking up the Animals ever since❤. Love his voice and love the band

  46. Sick or no phyucking sick you knew people were going to get clipped Hilarious!!

  47. I saw this when I was 13, couldnt sleep it really was disturbing has hell

  48. Ginger’s “Oh no no no”, was that in reference to them overdosing her?

    1. Probably from her realizing, after her hit (maybe from snorting or shooting up poisoned or super-strong heroin). She probably noticed after her hit that it was too much for her. This can happen (I’m an addict now in sobriety from drugs, I’ve had someone shoot me up with heroin for the first time. From that, it was this overwhelming sensation of euphoria but with an underlying tone of ‘holy shit, this is almost too much’. I felt barely able to walk and fell down a couple of times, trying to fight myself from losing consciousness, with the fear that, if I did, I would probably never wake up. I expect ginger felt similarly, but had succumbed to that feeling while walking down the motel hallway in that scene. I remember my breathing was very shallow and that worried me. Thankfully I’m okay. But yeah, if I were to guess, this might be what ginger felt, and her oh no no was her realizing that she had put something in her body too strong for her to handle, and that she realized she was about to die.)

    1. @Míchele Cobré so much evidence that they did. But idc about politics at all so im not gonna get into that

    2. @Míchele Cobré an trump an russians stole the one before. So we are as americans are even now.😅

    3. @Better than your name all off of the killers are old (lol) but them old nigga bosses are cold blooded as fuck and progressive as the liberals who stole the last election

    4. I wouldnt take a chance either. If i was a boss an i go down imma bring everyone down with me. Why should they be free an not me? Lol

  49. Tarantino: wacky almost cartoonish, yet fun violence!

    Scorsese: violence.

  50. every other boss andy is solid remo with a shrug why take a chance? I searched high and low and could never find anybody whoever gave less of a [email protected]#K than remo

  51. As they said it you know how this is going to end everybodys getting clipped yep and everybody got whacked

  52. All she had left was $3600 in mint condition coins….. Ginger also screwed up paradise for herself.

    1. What was the symbolism/deeper meaning of the $3,600 in mint condition coins? Seems like an interesting detail.

    1. Trusted an loyal associates. Then hiring other ppl or hitmen then having to kill them as well.

  53. Anyone know whatever happened to Frank Rosenthal and Geri’s son and daughter?

    1. Lefty lived to about 90 in Miami Beach worth $100 million.

    1. Not at all, an exploration of death and crime is not automatically a glorification of it.